Dauntless Hook and Ladder Ambulance League (DH&L Ambulance) employs both volunteers and career, certified and credentialed emergency medical technicians in responding to the needs of our patients 24 hours per day/7 days per week. The professional certification levels of our ambulance staff are at a minimum of Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B).

For any Basic Life Support (BLS) transport, a certified EMT-B is required to administer medical care on board and during transit. BLS transports are offered and suitable for patients who require a stretcher and who may require basic medical care during transport such as oxygen, suctioning or monitoring of vital signs.

All EMT personnel must complete standardized annual continuing educational requirements to maintain their certifications. DH&L Ambulance conducts extensive in-house orientation for all newly hired personnel as well as continued training to tenured employees to maintain regulatory compliance, skills and training on all protocols and procedures.


For patients in need of a higher level of care during transport, DH&L Ambulance offers Advanced Life Support (ALS) transports. ALS transports provide invasive life saving procedures including intravenous infusions, manual defibrillation, advanced airways, and much more. Our ALS transports are staffed by certified Emergency Medical Technician Paramedics (EMT-P) to administer specialized advanced medical care. Our advance life support team is on duty 24/7 to respond to any life threatening emergency in our community and the surrounding area.


While we strive to be available to answer your call for help at all time. There will be times when the number of calls for service exceeds our capacity to respond in a timely manner. To address this potential situation and to ensure our patients are provided with care in as quick a time as possible we have entered into automatic mutual aid agreements with other services around the region. This agreement means that even in the event we are unable to respond, we want you to be assured that your call for help has been answered and help is on the way.


Dauntless Hook and Ladder Ambulance League can staff your next local event.  From notification only to full ALS Ambulance service, we cover a broad range of events.  We can even customize our coverage to your unique needs.  Contact us today if you have an upcoming event that requires medical standby.


Population Breakdown

County Population Sq. Miles Land Sq. Miles Water
All 22,235 89.88 0.96
Penn Twp 4,359 17.9 0.25
Union Twp 1,532 14.48 0.11
Chapman Twp 1,598 13.58 0.0
Jackson Twp 1,438 14.54 0.30
Monroe Twp 4,121 15.56 0.18
Washington Twp 1,654 12.00 0.12
Freeburg Boro 1,616 0.22 0.0