About Us

Dauntless Hook and Ladder League Mission Statement

To provide aid and comfort to the sick and injured with efficient ambulance response and superior pre-hospital patient care through continuous training in the most advanced procedures utilizing modern equipment and advanced technologies in conjunction with a strong community outreach, professionalism and continuous quality improvement.

Our History

Linda Steele beside patient

Dauntless Hook and Ladder league was formed in 1964 by members of the Dauntless hook and ladder fire company, Selinsgrove PA.  The Fire company gave permission to the members to purchase a second hand ambulance to serve as our first unit and a total of $950. A hearse from Seebold’s Funeral Home.

The Ambulance league charter members were:

President Ray Walshaw

Vice president Mahlon Rathfon

Chief driver Harold Aucker

Forman Kenneth Stettler

Financial secretary William Moffatt

Secretary George Haas

Treasurer Paul Harro

Engineer Leon Inch


Charles Bickheart

Donald Bower

Lewis Ettinger   

Leon fetterolf

Ralph Fisher

Naylor Harrison

Gerald Inch

Melvin Inch

Carl Kline

John Klinger

Robert Metzger

Charles Moll

Harry Salter

Robert Seaman

Edwin Shotsberger

Donald Spigelmyer

Bruce Wagonseller

In the first year of operation they answered the call 322 times to help their fellow citizens.

Since then, the ambulance league has been licensed by the state of Pennsylvania and has provided continuous service to Selinsgrove Borough, Penn Township and the surrounding communities. Our relentless determination to provide the best care possible to our neighbors and friends carries on to this day. As we move forward in to the future we will continue to provide the same compassionate care our citizens have come to expect from us.

We have and will continue to foster and develop relationships and cooperation with our neighboring EMS services through interoperability to ensure that the citizens of the region do not have to fear their call for help will go unanswered.   

The charter membership laid the groundwork for the current ambulance company that continues to answer the call of their fellow citizens. For this we remain eternally grateful and strive to be as determined as they were in those early years of EMS.